Dear pet parents, we are very saddened by the following news. As you may or may not already now, Answers Pet Food leadership has abruptly changed which has left many independent retailers such as Miss Kibbles and thousands of pet parents out in the blue.

For those who do not know, Answers Pet Food is a family owned company led by two magnificent women Roxane and Jaqueline who will no longer have a say in the company. Family matters have got in the way, new ownership has taken over and changes are already happening per online sources (Dr. Judy Morgan Dated 4/30 Live Video & Dog Dad Live Podcast Dated 4/30) In addition, Billy Hoekman, their Nutrition Science Director, resigned Friday morning stating he no longer supported the direction in which the company was going (Billy Hoekman Instagram Account Post 4/30) which there alone for those who know Billy is a clear indication that Answers Pet Food is no longer what we expect it to be.

I am distraught and quite concerned. We have transitioned so many pets to follow Answers diet protocols and those pets are currently thriving! What is going to happen next when we are unable to reorder or find out the quality of ingredients have been compromised? I do not mean for you to panic, but yes it is time we consider a backup plan and start transitioning to other brands. More to follow on my recommendations. 

I am hoping to get more information on lot numbers as that will be the indication of “new” production. Just to clarify, our current inventory – on shelf - is not affected and I do not foresee my distributors current inventory to be affected either. However, if you wish to place a special order now, call us 571.379.7832. We will get what you need as long as it is available.

At this time, Miss Kibbles will not be restocking their new formulation. Miss Kibbles values partnerships and Answers Pet Food new management may not be a fit at this time. We sincerely wish best of luck to Billy Hoekman in his new endeavors and keep all parties involved in our prayers. Miss Kibbles is confident their purpose, passion and desire to heal animals will lead the way to new horizons.

 Thank you,

Claudia Montoya

Owner at Miss Kibbles Natural Pet Supplies