As I prepare to join this journey in the state of VA, please watch the video below so you understand where my drive is coming from.
The rabies vaccines is the MOST dangerous vaccine of all and yet our pets continue to get poked on because it’s the law.
Our veterinary professionals have no fault, they are simply following the law.
Based on science and research, did you know:
?A pet that shows immunity via titers should not need full dose?
?Rabies vaccines should be dosage dependent to weight? So basically your cat will receive the same dosage a Great Dane will...does that make sense?
?Rabies Vaccine Adverse Reactions many times goes under reported...the veterinary field is understaffed!
?Most common Adverse Reactions include: Behavior changes (aggression, anxiety, obsession) seizures, fribosarcoma at injection sites, autoimmune diseases (joints, kidney, liver, nervous system), chronic digestive problems among many more…the elephant in the room no one wants to correlate with the vaccine
?Pets with autoimmune diseases should be issued a Rabies Exception Certificate? Has this been brought up to you during your recent appointment? Who wants to deal with paperwork filing?
I have had the opportunity to meet with many pet parents since the opening of my first business Miss Kibbles in Bristow in 2020. Many experiences from pet parents have been shared and continue to come my way after the opening of our second location in Gainesville. It is heartbreaking.
It is time we speak up for our pets. The law in VA needs to be amended and an antibody titers should be given in lieu of rabies vaccines for certain dogs and cats.
A titer will measure the concentration of antibodies in the blood produced after an inflammatory response to vaccination. 
Please share with us your story (HERE) so we may share with legislators.