Last week, after finding out about MPF recall, I decided to proactively reach out to all of my customers who have purchased any of their line of products at my store. Did I have to? No. Was it necessary? For me - yes, it was.

I believe it is my responsibility to inform my customers about these kind of news. I have received lots of inquiries from people who have not even shopped at the store yet they want to argue about why I would recommend brand XYZ or ABC instead. If you reach out to me and ask my opinion, I will give you my opinion. I - by no means - are looking to get confrontational. If you feel comfortable feeding what you have at home during the investigation, then nothing I say should change your mind. I will be respectful of your time same as I would expect you to be respectful of my time. 

My decision to pull their line of products off the shelves was in loving memory of a customer's pup who had passed away the same week the news were released. It's unfortunate but we are taking a stand and for the time being, my trust has been broken. Takes time to build trust they say. I need time, period. 29 families are mourning the loss of their dogs and many more are dealing with the financial and emotional distress of their sick pups due to this poisoning. It is very sad and disappointing. How many people are feeding grains these days? How many people converted to grains in the last 2 years?...we have to look at the big picture in the pet food industry. 

Miss Kibbles embraces pawsitivity and kindness always. Unfortunately, we can't help negative vibes. Not the pet health environment we want our pets and pet parents to experience at the store. Peace and love please :)